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Are Your Processes Dated?
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The Government now requires that every contractor's personnel meet a littany of certification requirements.  The SINGLE most problem with this is very few companies have actually taken a look at how these certifications work together - or even if they work together at all.

When WeSearch was looking into how to fix the IT mess that most agencies found themselves in, we, like so many other companies, had a great many certified individuals.  Each of those certified experts were agitated that they were forced to work in an environment where their expertise was required but not used.  How can we and others put these certifications to use:  The IT Processes.  The discussion that follows hightlights some of the same certifications


Information Technology Infrastructure Library or ITIL is a set of concepts and practices for IT management.  One of the problems with ITIL certification is that most people attempt to follow this like it is the Bible; that is not how it is meant to be used.  None of the certifications are meant to be used this way.  People forget one of the key words: concepts. Using ITIL best-practices in your IT environment is one thing but attempting to enforce the ITIL concepts will more than likely create problems in your environment.  The key is to adopt these concepts to your environment - not the other way around - so that it runs efficiently and effectively.


The Project Management Professional (PMP) is someone who is certified in best practice management of your project.  This person can plan its every move from contract award to the end of the contract.  Yet, most Project Managers are forced to throw out their project plans, ignore their spread sheets and become meeting facilitators.  This is the one area where the project should follow best practices.



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